Hi, my name is Relja V Simic, and I am 21-year-old photographer.

During a 3-year career I specialised myself in commercial and advertising photography. I worked with some of the best Belgrade based advertising agencies (Executive group, DNA Communications, Nova Communications etc.), local artist (Struka, Sevdah Baby, Last95, Vuk Smiljanic etc.), and few small brands (Betonica, Disciplina, etc.)

Also I worked with some of the biggest brands in the world of beverages like Tuborg, Rauch & Red Bull. 

I also collaborated with Universal Music & Intermedia Network  as a set photographer.

You can follow me on my Instagram or Facebook profile where I also share some behind-the-scene shots and some everyday-life shots. 

If you want you can also contact me on my email reljaav@gmail.com